How We Started

    Killian Bailey founded Bailey's Game Calls in 2018 after witnessing his friends lose their calls. Killian started hunting around the age of 12. His fascination for calls and how they work began during his freshman year of college. Killian is currently in school at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology studying engineering. This early engineering experience sparked the idea for a revolutionary way to manufacture and tone calls. This idea led Killian to pursue 3-D printing as his main manufacturing process. With a patent-pending approach, Killian is combining 3-D printing technology to the tradition of waterfowl calls to create a great sounding, hard to lose, unique, and affordable call to the market.

    Using 3-D printing technology, we can develop our calls in a way that provides us with advantages that other forms of manufacturing cannot. With our ways of manufacturing, we produce game calls that float, so you will have a harder time losing them in the water. You will no longer have to try and save another sinking call. 3-D printing also allows us to be more affordable for our customers. With our patent-pending advancement, we can even use 3-D printing to change the density of our calls making it possible to mimic different materials with the same material. With these thoughts in mind, Bailey’s Game Calls was established.